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Description of My Name live wallpaper

My Name in 3D live wallpaper is a free customizable application that you can use as an animated wallpaper on the home and lock screens and that is compatible with any device or mobile phone. All this while allowing you to choose different fonts to show your name in an original way, with an incredible, wonderful effect on-screen.

You can use your name, your partner's name, your boyfriend’s name or your girlfriend’s name, your husband or wife name, your children's names, your baby's name, important notes, your favorite team's name, reminders or any other message you want to have displayed on your screen. All this for free, and with very low battery use.

Instructions for use:
-Change the name or names to be displayed by clicking on the main screen (using the pencil icon at top) or by selecting "Edit the text to be displayed” in the preferences menu.
-Choose the font you prefer by selecting "Font” in the preferences menu.
-Change the font color quickly and easily by double-clicking on the main screen or the preferences menu.
-You can select the live wallpaper from the preferences menu, having it displayed either on the home screen or both the home screen and the lock screen.

You can customize the application even more through the preferences menu:

✅ You can save screen content in video format and add voice or sound messages. You can share the videos with anyone you want using applications like WhatsApp.
✅ Edit your name, text or the message to be displayed.
✅ Change the font (from among the fonts on your phone)
✅ Change the font size
✅ Select the font colour
✅ Modify the 3D effect speed
✅Change the size of the 3D figure
✅ Make the figure bounce and move free all over the screen
✅ Select the Live Wallpaper.

* All the fonts used in the application come from the user's smartphone. The application itself does not contain fonts.

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APK Version 2.85
Compatibility Android 4.2.x+ (Jelly Bean)
Developer My Name Cube Apps
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